Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch Support Group needs your help as we are completely run by people like you volunteering their time and effort.

To find out about being a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or their Deputy go to our Setting Up & Managing Your Watch Page

Join the Support Group

We are all volunteers supporting Surrey Police to reduce crime and make Surrey Heath a safer place to live and work

The ‘Support Group’ coordinates activity and disseminates information aimed at reducing crime across Surrey Heath

  • We have 355 Watches in local roads covering approximately 9300 houses
  • We produce a quarterly newsletter (HeathWatch) for members including information from the Police and other advice
  • We run 4 Neighbourhood Watch meetings a year, attended by around 100 members where the Police and guest speakers present and answer questions
  • Last year we attended 13 local events to promote what we do, to give advice and to offer free security marking e.g. for bikes and buggies
  • We advise on home security measures and can give funding to elderly and vulnerable residents
  • We link with other agencies to give advice on cyber-crime, on-line fraud and safeguards against child exploitation
  • We erect and maintain street signs for every local Watch  – showing that Watches are active, hence helping to deter crime.
  •  Our website gives information about Neighbourhood Watch to let people know how to join and to give security advice.
  • Our Facebook page provides the latest crime prevention advice and information on current issues

A recent example of our work – Police recovered items stolen in a burglary and using pictures on Facebook, Neighbourhood Watch was able to identify the owner so that the Police could return the items

We are looking for new members to help the support group to coordinate all these activities and if you think that you might be able to help, in whatever way – large or small – then please do contact our Chairman – Martin Butcher –