Life’s safer when you know your neighbours. With more people looking out for unusual behaviour on your street, burglaries can be prevented – this is where Neighbourhood Watch volunteers come in.

Angie lives alone and had concerns about groups of youths lighting fires and using drugs in woods near her home. The groups threatened anyone who approached, so Angie reported this to her Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator who in turn involved the Police – but they needed evidence.
As the Police could not be there all the time, the Coordinator worried that local children would pick up the nitrous oxide canisters, drug packets and foil, so she removed them. They were kept as evidence for the Police along with a record of when the incidents occurred, so that the Police could use the pattern to catch them – which they did.

We are a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation run by volunteers but need to raise funds to pay for meeting room hire, new/replacement signs, produce newsletters/leaflets, the costs of attending local shows/fetes etc.

You can become a “Friend of Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch” by donating at least £25 per year as an individual or by donating at least £50 per year as a business. Friends of Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch will receive recognition in the next quarterly HeathWatch publication unless you tell us that you would rather remain anonymous.

Businesses can also ‘sponsor’ the quarterly HeathWatch publication, which goes to around 9000 residents of Surrey Heath, in return for a half page advertisement (£300) or a quarter page advertisement (£150).

If you would like to make a donation to us there are three ways that you can do it:

  1. Donate any amount securely online by debit card, credit card or PayPal via PayPal – Donate
  2. Send a cheque payable to “Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch Support Group” to Tim Tostevin, Treasurer, Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch Support Group, C/O Police Office, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley, GU15 3HD
  3. Make a payment direct to our Bank Account – details available on request by e-mail to

You can also donate to Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch by purchasing Surrey Heath Lottery Tickets from £1 per week at For each ticket purchased, 50p comes direct to Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch and you could win the weekly top prize of £25,000!

Please note that only direct donations to Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch qualify you to become a “Friend of Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch”.