From Neighbourhood to Cyberhood: Over a third of Neighbourhood Watch members are now more concerned about cybercrime than physical crime.

So Neighbourhood Watch has now launched a Cyberhood Watch initiative and has published a number of ‘Layman’s Guides’ to help you to understand some of the terminology. These are:

Keep your Home PC’s Protected with Sophos Free home edition Antivirus :   (free for Home use)

Avast (AVG) also offer Free home Antivirus software:

Other providers may also offer similar products.

Reporting fraud and scams

To report Online fraud or cyber crime please go to:

To report a scam or fraudulent e-mail please forward it to 

To report a scam or fraudulent text please forward it to 7726.

Buying and Selling second-hand PC’s, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and Phones

If you are buying or selling second-hand devices you need to know how to erase the personal data that is on them (and why it’s important when you’re buying and selling them).

Follow this link to get the latest advice from The National Cyber Security Centre:

Guidance for buying & selling second-hand devices – NCSC.GOV.UK