This Watch Covers the following Areas (Six Villages): Lightwater, Bagshot, Bisley, Chobham, West End and Windlesham.

The Following Roads are covered by a Watch:  *If your road is not listed please take a look at the Setting Up & Managing Your Watch Page

Ward                   Watch Name

Bagshot                Albert Road

Bagshot                Allbrooke Close

Bagshot                Butler Road & Weston Grove                     

Bagshot                Cedar Close/ St.Marys Gdns

Bagshot                Chantry Road/School Lane

Bagshot                Chapel Close    

Bagshot                Chewter Close

Bagshot                Church Road

Bagshot                College Ride

Bagshot                College Ride – Lower

Bagshot                Connaught Road & Wellesley Close

Bagshot                Duval Place

Bagshot                Fremantle Rd/Place/Anderson Place

Bagshot                Elizabeth Avenue

Bagshot                Gomer Road

Bagshot                Heywood Drive

Bagshot                Higgs Lane

Bagshot                Horsebrass Drive

Bagshot                Laird Court

Bagshot                Lory Ridge

Bagshot                Lupin Close

Bagshot                Manor Way

Bagshot                Pinewood Gardens

Bagshot                Popejoy Drive

Bagshot                School Lane 

Bagshot                Station Road Bagshot

Bagshot                Suffolk Close

Bagshot                Surridge Court

Bagshot                Vicarage Road

Bagshot                Waggoners Hollow

Bagshot                Waverley Road

Bagshot                Yaverland Drive

Bisley                  Angelica Road

Bisley                  Arethusa Way 1

Bisley                  Arethusa Way 2

Bisley                  Cedar Grove

Bisley                  Church Lane

Bisley                  Cobbetts Walk

Bisley                  Donnafields

Bisley                  Elder Road

Bisley                  Elm Grove

Bisley                  Ford Road

Bisley                  Germander Drive

Bisley                  Hawthorne Way

Bisley                  Kingcup Drive

Bisley                  Orchid Drive

Bisley                  Mainstone Road

Bisley                  Pilgrim’s Way

Bisley                  Primrose Drive

Bisley                  Quince Drive

Bisley                  School Lane

Bisley                  Shaftesbury Avenue

Bisley                  Snowdrop Way

Bisley                  South Road

Bisley                  Wilcot Close

Bisley                  Zinnia Drive

Chobham           Avenue, The

Chobham           Bagshot Road   

Chobham           Beta Road

Chobham           Castle Grove Road              

Chobham           Elm Drive

Chobham           Ford Road

Chobham          Gracious Pond/Stonehill Road

Chobham          Green Lane

Chobham          Heather Way

Chobham          Leslie Road

Chobham          Medhurst Close

Chobham          Mincing Lane

Chobham          Oakdene

Chobham          Shrubbs Hill

Chobham          Sparrow Row

Lightwater       Ambleside Road/Rydal Place

Lightwater       Aplin Way/Gale Drive

Lightwater       Avenue, The

Lightwater       Badger Dr/ Mount Pleasant Cl

Lightwater       Barnett Lane

Lightwater       Birch Tree View

Lightwater       Copthorne Drive

Lightwater       Corbett Drive

Lightwater       Curley Hill Road

Lightwater       Derwent Road

Lightwater       Fox Covert

Lightwater       Grasmere Road East

Lightwater       Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 1

Lightwater       Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 2

Lightwater       Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 3

Lightwater       Herons court

Lightwater       Highview Road

Lightwater       Ivy Drive 1

Lightwater       Ivy Drive 2

Lightwater       Keswick Drive

Lightwater       Lightwater Meadow

Lightwater       Ling Drive

Lightwater       Lowfield Close

Lightwater       Macdonald Road 1

Lightwater       Macdonald Road 2

Lightwater       Macdonald Road 3

Lightwater       Macdonald Road 4

Lightwater       Mallards Way

Lightwater       Maple Drive

Lightwater       Meadowbank Road

Lightwater       Mount Pleasant Close

Lightwater       Northfield

Lightwater       Osborne Drive

Lightwater       Perry Way

Lightwater       Quarry Bank / Deer Leap

Lightwater       Ridgeway The

Lightwater       Riverside Ave/Wychelm Rd

Lightwater       Rydale Place

Lightwater       Shrublands Drive/Myrtle Cl

Lightwater       South Farm Lane

Lightwater       Turnville Close

Lightwater       WE (Copthorne&Ullswater)

Lightwater       Willows The

West End           Abelia Close

West End           Acer Drive

West End           Ashley Way/Cuckoo Vale

West End           Benner Lane/Fellow Green

West End           Birch Lane

West End           Bolding House Lane

West End           Brentmoor Road 1

West End           Brentmoor Road 2

West End           Broad Street & Revesby Cl

West End           Burnett Close

West End           Common Fields

West End           Cuckoo Lane

West End           Damask Close

West End           Erica Close

West End           Fenns Lane

West End           Field End

West End           Gosden Rd & Field End

West End           Halebourne & Bagshot Rd

West End           High Street

West End           Kerria Way

West End           Kings Road

West End           Lucas Green Rd & Priest Lane

West End           Malthouse Lane

West End           Old Acre & Streets Heath

West End           Rosewood Way

West End           Rubus Close

West End           Rugosa Road

West End           Sefton Close

West End           Sundew Close

West End           Willow Green / Fellow Green Rd

Windlesham     Baigents Lane & Atfield Grove

Windlesham     Bosman Drive

Windlesham     Cooper Road

Windlesham     Edward Road

Windlesham     Finney Drive

Windlesham     Fosters Grove

Windlesham     Fromow Gdns

Windlesham     Hatch End

Windlesham     Heathpark Drive

Windlesham    Highwaymans Ridge

Windlesham    Kennel Lane 

Windlesham     Kings Lane

Windlesham     Moor Place/ Mill Pond Rd

Windlesham     Newark Road

Windlesham     Orchard Hill

Windlesham     Pine Grove

Windlesham     Poplar Avenue

Windlesham     Rectory Lane

Windlesham     ROCK

Windlesham     School Road

Windlesham     Windle Close

Windlesham     Windmill Field

The Lightwater Area Coordinator is Mike Potter –

Tel: 07985 506 624