This Watch Covers the following Areas: St Pauls,  Old Dean,  Town, St Michaels,  Watchetts.

The Following Roads are covered by a Watch:  * If your road is not listed please take a look at the Setting Up & Managing Your Watch Page

Ward                   Watch Name

Old Dean             Larch Close

Old Dean             Nepalese Community

Old Dean             Poppyhills Road

St Michaels         Avenue The

St Michaels         Burford Road

St Michaels         Firwood Drive

St Michaels         France Hill Drive

St Michaels         Heatherley Close

St Michaels         Hollyfields Close

St Michaels         Southern Road

St Michaels         Vale Watch

St Michaels         Victoria Road

St Michaels         Wey Close

St Michaels         Whinis Close

St Michaels         Woodlands Road

St Michaels         Woodway

St Pauls               Abbey Court

St.Pauls               Ashwell Avenue

St Pauls               Beaufront Estate

St.Pauls               Belton Road

St Pauls               Branksome Park Road

St Pauls               Buchan, The

St Pauls               Chatsworth Heights

St.Pauls               Clarence Drive

St Pauls               Copse End & Paddock Close

St Pauls               Crawley Ridge & Others

St Pauls               Crawley Wood Close

St Pauls               Darracott Close

St Pauls               Eliot Close & Seymour Drive

St.Pauls               Elmhurst Court

St.Pauls               Foxhill Cresent

St Pauls               Grange Road

St.Pauls               Hall Close

St.Pauls               Hanson Close

St Pauls               Hillcrest Road

St Pauls               Iberian Way

St Pauls               Knightsbridge Road

St Pauls               Larchwood Glade

St Pauls               Lime Avenue

St Pauls               Loddon Close

St Pauls               Marlborough Rise

St Pauls               Martel Close

St Pauls               Maultway & Foxhill

St Pauls              Middleton Road

St Pauls              Napier Drive

St Pauls              Paddock Close

St.Pauls              Seymore Drive

St Pauls              Shalbourne Rise (Lower end)

St Pauls              Shalbourne Rise (Upper End)

St Pauls               Sovereign Drive

St.Pauls               Walkers Ridge

St Pauls               Waverley Drive

Town                   Barn Close

Town                   Clarewood Drive

Town                   Court Gardens

Town                   Diamond Ridge/Hill

Town                   Duke of Cornwall Avenue

Town                   Firwood Drive

Town                   Lancaster Drive

Town                    Langley Drive

Town                   Old Green Lane

Town                   Pinemount Road

Town                  Portesbery Road

Town                   RMA

Town                   Rudd Hall Rise

Town                  Saddlewood

Town                   Tekels Avenue

Town                   Townside

Town                   Wells Court

Town                   York Road

Watchetts           April Close

Watchetts           Crabtree Road

Watchetts           Garfield Road

Watchetts           Gordon Avenue

Watchetts           Gordon Watch The

Watchetts           Hanbury Way

Watchetts           Heatherdale Road

Watchetts           Kingsclear Park

Watchetts           Park Road

Watchetts           Parkway

Watchetts          Rudd Hall Rise

Watchetts          Russett Gardens

Watchetts           Saddlewood

Watchetts           Verran Road

Watchetts           Watchetts Drive

The Camberley Area Coordinator is Alan Hitchcock 078300 69150.